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Again, with more than thirty years of independent service to my friends and family, we will find the right investment and tax savings to build your wealth.  Tax planning is at the heart of wealth accumulation in Canada. We work with your accountant or directly providing the benefits of having a properly designed and maintained investment portfolio. Our systems  create wealth and put your finances in order through to Estate Planning

Guaranteed Investment Funds have greater value to your estate than standard investments.

We will build a portfolio that is right for your comfort level and assure you a comfortable retirement.  Always understanding your personal viewpoint, and "Legacy of Love".


Flexible solutions for businesses and their employees.
You’re busy running a business and you need a loyal, hard-working team to support your growth and success. We help design group benefits solutions for small businesses that are designed to be cost-effective and flexible for owners like you. You can customize a plan to meet your specific business goals, and gain a competitive edge to attract talented, reliable employees. And, our plans are easy to set up and administer so you can stay focused on your priorities.

As an independent broker of insurance services for more than thirty years, you are in good hands. We go to market for your life, disability or critical illness insurance to assure you the best product for the premium.  No medical - guaranteed issue insurance has gained in popularity and for obvious reasons.  Some people just do not like visiting the doctor, some people have medical issues that worry them.  In any case, some coverage is better than no coverage.

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Get Stellar Benefits working for you.

Employee Benefits

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